Lillie Mucha Interview

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00:00:01 - Could you just tell me your name and a couple things about yourself, like your preferred pronouns and what you study and what-have-you? 00:01:27 - Can you tell me about the dynamics of the group and what it's like to perform in an all-female space as a genderqueer individual? 00:02:37 - When you first joined Women's Chorale at the very beginning of your freshman year you still had the long hair . . . and then the long hair went away . . . do you think that people treated you any differently or saw you any differently? 00:04:30 - Can you tell me a little bit about how the group has changed at all in the couple of semesters you've been here? 00:05:26 - So do you think that the talent of the group has gone down after the seniors left? 00:06:53 - You went on the trip with all of us over Spring break last year to Finland and Estonia and Latvia . . . did you find that people clumped into their own little cliques really early on, or did you see that there was more of a welcoming atmosphere in who was hanging out with who? 00:08:55 - Do you wish that the atmosphere didn't feel so gendered? 00:15:26 - Do you feel like wearing a uniform that's a dress feels not cool? 00:15:43 - Do you feel as if having a uniform that doesn't give the option for pants or anything like that feels limiting at all? 00:18:14 - Can you tell me a little bit about the performing process? Do you feel like everyone's well prepared and professional and not talking in the hallways beforehand? 00:19:19 - Do you think that part of that might be because you don't get to rehearse in Camp Concert Hall at all until your dress rehearsal? 00:19:48 - Talk to me about moving from BKR 127 into the new, beautiful room? 00:23:39 - Do you wish that there was more of a camaraderie I guess . . . to try to help bring people together?