Mr. Pedersen Interview

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00:00:04 - Could you just tell me about how you became conductor of Women's Chorale and what that process was like, coming to UR? 00:03:36 - How's the group changed over the years since that first semester with them? 00:06:33 - Can you tell me a little bit about the audition process? 00:09:15 - Has there ever been a situation where like, the person said they particularly wanted to be in Women's Chorale specifically? Like does that have any, like, weight in the decision-making process, or? 00:10:11 - Do you think there's a reason why there isn't an all-men's group? 00:11:29 - Is there any protocol for like, if a transgender student were to audition? Like someone who identifies as female? 00:12:04 - What's it like working with a group of only women vs. mixed voices, or I guess in your case you've also been with all guy's choirs too? 00:14:16 - Could you tell me a little bit about, like, the community member involvement in your choir?