Laurel Wayne Interview

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00:00:00 - So, um, what are the best parts of being in this group and the challenges that you face? 00:01:48 - Cool. Um, so what do you observe about the community of musicians, like what’s the vibe? 00:03:45 - So how would you say that the group dynamic, like, affects…um, sorry. Let me start over. How does the fact that like, the—the members of the group change by semester affects the dynamic of the group? 00:05:58 - Definitely. So, how would you say—you mentioned that Doc was really close with one of the students who graduated—how would you say that like your relationship…like, how would you describe your relationship with Dr. Davison and like what have you observed about other students’ relationships with him? 00:09:41 - Cool. Um, and then, what would you say, if there are any, are the effects of the class being like a for credit thing, so like not just like a— Laurel: Not just for fun?