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00:00:10 - University Dancers Experience

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Partial Transcript: I became a part of University Dancers last year, I transferred here and so it was kind of the first experience I had here on campus. I immediately found this really close knit group of people that I can go to for anything and who immediately became like my genuine friends. Sometimes your um put into situations where you’re like forced to hang out with a group of people. Sometimes that happens with sororities and other times not, and I was kind of anxious about that whole aspect of it. Cause I immediately felt like they were all very good friends with each other and enjoyed spending time together. As well as enjoyed the process of University Dancers.

Segment Synopsis: Being a part of University Dancers, she feels as if all participants are her family. Similar to how being involved in something can seem like a second home to some. She expresses how dance has transformed who is mentally and physically.

Keywords: Close; Dancers; Friends; Genuine; Home; Meaningful; Technique; Transformed; University

Subjects: Dance; Home; University

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00:02:14 - Audition Process

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Partial Transcript: The audition would consist of a class, a couple of combinations, or phrases so you didn’t really know what the piece would be until we started tech. As a group everyone is super supportive so no one gets upset if there not in a piece or vice versa. It’s a very enriching process working with so many different artists.

Keywords: Combinations; Phrases; Supportive

Subjects: Combinations; Phrases

00:04:00 - Favorite Piece

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Partial Transcript: "Vent to November," she transformed that one movement that we had last year, she changed the costumes, and the entire message.

Keywords: Message; Movement; Transformed

Subjects: Choreography; Message; Movement

00:05:43 - Music Role

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Partial Transcript: I really feel like it informs me as a dancer to be aware of how I’m moving. You know it’s all about listening and honoring the musical component of dance as well not just what you are seeing.

Keywords: Aware; Component; Honoring; Inform; Listening; Seeing

Subjects: Aware; Listening; Maestro; Social

00:07:57 - Group Improvement

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Partial Transcript: I feel like we should promote ourselves more maybe. I know people, I mean I think the campus knows we exist. It’s an academic credit, it’s not a D1 sport or club so we’re right in this category of our own. Where we are doing this for school so it is required.

Keywords: Academic; Category; Credit; Exist; Promote

Subjects: Academic; Category; Promote

00:10:22 - Participants

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Partial Transcript: That was really exciting to see a male dancer, it was great. Incorporating all types of students into the dance community would be great. Just to diversify it although, when I came in I all of these connections by how everyone was a part of something different. Like even a different major, club, and social group.

Keywords: Community; Connections; Different; Diversify; Group; Incorporating; Male; Social

Subjects: Community; Connection; Diversity; Incorporate