Interview with Carl Hamm



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00:00:00 - Why do love music and why does it excite you?

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Keywords: childhood; music; music as an outlet; parents

Subjects: Franco; Iggy and the Stooges; Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; Patti Smith; The Clash

00:03:52 - What is your favorite genre of music?

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Keywords: Hip Hop; Mid 80s; Thriller; asian; cambonian wedding music; genre;; zip folders

Subjects: Houdini; Run DMC; UTFO

00:07:10 - How did you break in to the music scene in Richmond?

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Keywords: 2004; Indian; JMU; K-Pop; NYC; Richmond; WRIR; international music

Subjects: Bill Lupoletti

00:13:20 - Discussing guitar playing

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Keywords: If Music Could Talk; classical music; rock music

Subjects: Jimmy Page; Randy Rose; The Clash

00:15:17 - DJing vs. instrumental music 00:17:06 - What projects have you worked on and working on currently?

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Keywords: 1990s; 2000s; Documentary; India; Interview; Kickstarter; Malaysia; Singapore; Southeast Asia; Vietnam

Subjects: Sublime Frequencies

00:23:17 - WRIR

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Keywords: commercial media; independent; love; public funding; radio DJ; volunteer

Subjects: WDC; WRIR

00:24:21 - Discovering new music then vs. now

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Keywords: Spotify; internet; record collection; share

00:25:55 - Are there any downsides to the music scene, particularly in Richmond?

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Keywords: african-american; artists; bars; competitive; jazz clubs; oversaturated; paycheck; rebirth

Subjects: Duke Ellington; Grey Street; James Brown; The National; VCU

00:30:49 - DJing professionally

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Keywords: $50; club; equipment; jukebox; paycheck

Subjects: Al Green

00:33:18 - What kind of music is up-and-coming in Richmond?

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Keywords: folk music; hard to say; hip hop; indie rock; jam bands; metal; radio station; reggae; rock bands

Subjects: Black Iris; The Broadberry; The Camel

00:35:17 - What do you think about the new generation of music?

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Keywords: Asian; Broward County; Kpop; SoundCloud; rock bands; unique

Subjects: Chastity Belt; Fat Spirit; The Lumineers; The Smiths

00:37:50 - Modern music and artists 00:42:15 - Podcasts and mixes

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Keywords: Guitar Center; MixCloud; Sam Ashe; Serato; Traktor; blog; midi controller; radio show; tours;

00:49:44 - Working at University of Richmond

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Keywords: Indonesian Music; University of Richmond; gamelan

Subjects: Andy McGraw

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Map Coordinates: University of Richmond
00:51:14 - Interviewing on the radio show

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Keywords: interview; radio show

Subjects: Ray Manzarek

00:58:03 - Conclusion