Interview with Bill Lupoletti

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00:00:22 - Early Music Biography

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Keywords: Dj; classical music; piano; volunteering

Subjects: Drum; Haverford College; Music; radio program; radio station

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Map Coordinates: Haverford College (40.006, 75.305)
00:01:57 - Musical Influences

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Keywords: African music; Bob Dylan; Frank Sinatra; Joan Baez; Mdou Moctar; New york; Studio 23; Tuarig music; alternative rock; international music; music business; musical theater; progressive rock

Subjects: AM Radio (Musical group); Jazz; Punk rock music; Spotify; WABC (Radio station : New York, N.Y.); WNBC-TV (Television station : New York, N.Y.); YouTube (Electronic resource)

00:09:15 - Music Scene of Richmond

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Keywords: DIY; Los Angeles; New York; Richmond, VA; Spacebomb Records; grassroots

Subjects: Independence

00:14:45 - Recurring Themes on His Show

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Keywords: America; Baltics; Eastern Europe; Sahara Desert; Southern Europe

Subjects: Brazilian music; Dance music; Postcolonial studies

00:16:46 - Why International Music Is important

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Keywords: Diversity; Ethiopia; VCU

Subjects: Brooklyn College; Charlottesville (Va.); Immigration studies; Isolationism; Isolationism--United States; Monticello (Va.); Multiculturalism--United States; Postcolonial criticism; Postcolonial studies

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Map Coordinates: Monticello (--74.689, 41.656)
00:20:50 - What the Music in Richmond Says About the City

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Keywords: industrial rock; variety

Subjects: Discrimination--United States; Electronic music; Native American culture; Racism--United States; Salsa (Music)

00:23:49 - Technology's Influence On the Music Industry

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Keywords: live performance; musical recording

Subjects: Musical performance; Spotify

00:25:39 - Live Performance in Richmond

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Keywords: House concerts; live performance; oversupply of music; stigma