GRK, Indonesian Master Artists, Richmond Symphony Orchestra


Wed, 2019/01/23 - 7:30pm

GRK is honored to join the stage with the Richmond Symphony Orchestra, led by Javanese master musicians Sumarsam and Darsono. We will perform Sumarsam's reconstruction of the gamelan works Debussy heard at the Paris Exposition in 1899. Also on the program: Ziporyn's Ngaben for Balinese gamelan and Symphony Orchestra, Dewa Ketut Alit's Open My Door. Balinese Shadow Master Gusti Sudarta will present a new shadow play, accompanied by Debussy's Le BoƮte a Joujoux. Part of the Music Department's Beyond Exoticism Series.


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Camp Concert Hall, Booker Music Building, University of Richmond
28 Westhampton Way
23173 Richmond , VA
United States
Virginia US