Brazilian Music Ensemble 2 - Walking Interview

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00:02:31 - Sense of smell

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Partial Transcript: E: because the lessons weren’t very good. Well the smell is intensifying. So dr. french would enjoy the anthroplogy of smell
A: oh, i was gonna say
E: it’s super musty
A: a lot of music rooms or even like when I used to take music lessons smelt like this.
E: It’s weird. I don’t know why
A: Is it like the piano? Like the wood? I dont know. I feel like..
E: Maybe? I think it needs to be a certain humidity for certain instruments.. but I don’t know if people regulate that. I feel like
A: There’s like a heater over here so I feel like. I don’t know how much they can control that.

Keywords: Anthropology of smell; sense of smell; senses

GPS: Basement of Booker
Map Coordinates: 37.574, -77.542
00:09:22 - Past Brazilian Music Ensembles

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Partial Transcript: E: Yeah it’s very clean. So freshman year, basic standards i would say for bossa nova. And it was fun and it was super easy to like get the hang of it and then sophomore year they were really good and there were two music majors. One played percussion and one played guitar and so we were really on point that year. And so were still playing like kind of basic but we also played a rock song but it was a simple rock song.

Keywords: on point; really good

00:10:03 - Musical capabilities in the Ensemble

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Partial Transcript: A: [laughs] So do you think it was the...i guess..the musical capabilities of the musicians who were in it?
E: I think so. Yeah. Like we were all, we had the background where we could just tackle something the day of and get it going. Whereas this semester we had a lot of beginners who’ve our singer had never sang before.
A: Ohhh
E: So you have to start at a way different place. And we were playing really hard music. So
A: In the beginning? And did..did it
E: In this semester so I would say were weren’t ready to play the songs until the week before. Whereas in the past, like we could’ve done two weeks of music and been ready for a concert
A: Oh okay so it just took a lot longer
E: Right.

Keywords: beginners; musical capabilities

00:12:23 - Embodying an instrument

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Partial Transcript: E: Embodiment..embodiment also depends on the instrument because for like oboe if you embodied the music it’s all about your breathing because you’re basically holding your breathe for minutes on end
A: Right
E: So it’s so much attention to like your diaphragm and how it’s moving as you’re playing. So I would say thats the embodiment is like having the stamina. Whereas accordian, you have to be moving your hands so much. Like your left hand to pump the air

Segment Synopsis: She refers to the physicality of playing the instrument.

Keywords: breathing; depends; stamina